Doug Morse

Everyone Needs Motivation Everyone needs motivation, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to provide it, from the CEO to the guy in the field. Here are five ways we can all motivate one another – Attitude / Recognition / Challenge / Expectations / Big Picture Share a good attitude. If others see that you have a good […]

Nathan Wickert

Serving Customers, It’s What We Do Effectively serving our customers, whoever they may be, can bring its fair share of challenges. With care, attention to detail, and following through, anything can be overcome. I’m often asked, ‘how do you handle dealing with (sometimes) frustrated folks day in and day out?’ The short answer is, whatever […]

Carlos Velazquez

The Art and Science of Location Over the years, I’ve learned that the key to building a great team is starting with a vision. A vision consists of a plan that executes and delivers positive outcomes despite obstacles. Passion and dedication have allowed me to build a relationship-focused team. A team that can rely on […]

Lorena C. Hayden

Customer Service and our Core Values Blue Mountain’s Customer Service Department works with home builders and home owners daily. Sometimes they are excited to talk with us and some times they are not. But every interaction we have is guided by our company’s core values. Let me tell you how. Transparency – I always instill […]

Marylou Estolero

Growth and Modernization Lead Blue Mountain into 2024 For 2024, one of my goals is to identify which preexisting processes can be integrated into new systems to modernize Blue Mountain. This will, in turn, generate profitability through new ideas and technologies in the diverse field of construction and help create more opportunities and growth. Blue […]