Doug Morse

President – HVAC Division

Doug Morse

Everyone Needs Motivation

Everyone needs motivation, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to provide it, from the CEO to the guy in the field.

Here are five ways we can all motivate one another – Attitude / Recognition / Challenge / Expectations / Big Picture

Share a good attitude. If others see that you have a good attitude, some of that may rub off on them. But even if you work hard; if you don’t have a good attitude, they probably won’t either, and it will have short- and long-term consequences.

Recognition of good work. The sad truth is most employees don’t receive enough recognition and those who do, don’t receive enough of it. People want to be recognized for their hard work. If people are getting recognition at work, that may be the only place they’re getting it. Be free with praise.

Challenge to improve. Management can do this by giving employees increasingly more job responsibility. Employees can do this by requesting more difficult job tasks. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and strive to learn something new.

Provide clear expectations. Supervisors need to outline exactly what they want employees to do and the results they want them to achieve. Employees should ask smart questions at the time the direction is given to minimize misunderstanding.

Explain the big picture. In every company everyone should understand the big picture, and everyone should see that they are playing a significant role in it. It’s one thing for me to tell an employee ‘Go take these materials here and install this system in lot 231.’ It’s another to say this is going to be a family’s home so let’s get it right.

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