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What’s New in Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency itself is not a new concept. At this point, it is a permanent fixture in the housing landscape. Regardless of whether homeowners are looking for a starter home or have the budget for a large luxury home, a large percentage of home buying decisions now factor in the energy efficiency of the property.

In some parts of the country, eco-friendly homes are nothing short of expected. For example, in this is the case, when one looks at new homes for sale in the Bay Area, homeowners have an elevated expectation for sustainability features – not only helping the environment, but also saving money at the same time.

Here are some of the hot features in energy efficiency:

Solar Roofing

Solar roofing has become huge focus for homeshoppers. The price of solar energy in homes is far less than what it once was. This investment is expected to drop considerably in the next few years. You can expect solar roofing to become more and more popular in the near future. New homes that come standard with solar energy are highly sought after.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows are another hot trend. It took decades for the word to get out that energy efficient windows were a good idea. These windows are now featured not just in luxury homes, but increasingly in all homes for sale. Energy efficient windows have tighter seals and keep heated or cooled air from escaping.

Eco-Friendly Insulation

Insulation is a remarkably important factor when it comes to energy efficiency. A home’s insulation tends to get overlooked, as it is usually in place that people don’t see such as inside walls and attics. Yet, insulation can save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars on their utility bills over the lifetime of a house. Currently, fiberglass batt is particularly popular, as it is effective and easy to install.

Smart Devices

You have probably heard a lot about smart home devices lately. Everything from lighting to temperature can be controlled from phones and tablets. This extra layer of control helps to only use energy when needed, thereby reducing reliance on natural resources. You can expect smart home devices to become a true fixture in new homes for sale in the Bay Area and elsewhere.

Eco-Friendly Appliances

Energy Star appliances are also very popular, thanks to their ability to lower energy consumption and energy bills. Whether its Energy Star washers and dryers or refrigerators, savvy consumers hope to see the Energy Star label in starter homes as much as in luxury homes.

Smarter Materials

Materials can also play a key role in energy efficiency. If you are looking to lower your carbon footprint, materials such as bamboo, which grows much quicker than trees, is a good choice. Bamboo is super tough and durable and is increasingly being used in flooring instead of traditional wood choices.

Homeowners are increasingly conscious of how much energy they use and how they use it. Many of today’s trends in energy efficiency are expected to be here to stay. This is beneficial not only for the pocketbooks of homeowners, but also for the planet we all share.

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