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Trendy vs. Timeless – How to Strike a Balance

Some things in life you can count on. For example, every year brings with it a new wave of fads. This fact holds true for every industry, including real estate. But it is important to find a balance of style and resale value when considering a trendy new design.

Most buyers feel that buying a house is enough work on its own and will not be too eager to do much in the way of substantial changes. The majority of home owners only incorporate trendy designs if will not be too much trouble to change when it comes time to sell. But what if you can strike a balance between trendy and timeless? Let’s take a closer look.

This Year’s Trends

2019 has definitely seen its fair share of real estate trends recommended for the single family home. Everything from artisanal fixtures and elements made from natural materials have been popular. We have also seen vibrant colors, along with floral and geometrical patterns make a strong comeback.

A Focus on Natural Materials

There is a trend towards natural materials, and materials like stone, brass, copper and wood never truly go out of style. The same holds true for plants in homes. Plants have become a fixture in modern design, but it is hard to argue with the fact that they are also classic.

In the kitchen, quartz finishes for countertops are pretty hot and have been popular for some years. While predicting the future of home design trends is tricky, we can all remember when tile countertops were all the rage. However, with quartz, it is likely safe to state that due to its durability and versatility, will likely remain popular in kitchens for years to come.

Vintage Touches

We have also seen recently a comeback for vintage light fixtures. This trend spans eras in design, color and material. Most importantly, you should focus on the quality and condition. Being that they are vintage and in good condition, they should always blend well into home designs.

Kitchen Trends

Matte finishes in kitchens are another new hot trend. We have seen matte finishes popping up with increased regularity in bathrooms and kitchen. Spanish tile, again another classic, is also trendy in the kitchen.

Retro design elements are having a great year. An easy way to bring this trend to your home without complete reconstruction is through wall color, appliances and décor.

Open Spaces

One design trend even seen in single family homes, especially two-story homes is open spaces or larger rooms. Open spaces are definitely not something that we usually associate with classic design, but it does offer versatility in design for homeowners. Prospective homeowners in the process of buying a house typically want to have options for what to do with their spaces. In short, it seems that the trend of open spaces may become more of a fixture of future home design.

The Past Is Here to Stay

The fact that vintage light fixtures and floral and geometric patterns are once again popular points to an overarching new trend: tapping into the styles of the past.

When you are weighing between trendy and timeless design options, it is best to consider how long you plan on staying in a home and if you are willing to make major changes when it comes time to sell. Trendy looks can be fun, but they do come without a degree of risk.

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