Stephanie MacLean

A Message From the CEO Welcome to Blue Mountain Enterprises, LLC (“BME”). Now in our fourth decade BME is a unique firm of professionals passionate about creating a better future for the American public by designing, developing, building and, in some cases, operating residences for every stage of our lives. We are also privileged to […]

Sandy Grouf

Integrity – Key to Blue Mountain’s Success Integrity is one of the most important characteristics Blue Mountain asks its employees to demonstrate. It is the foundation on which coworkers build trusting, effective interpersonal relationships. A person who has integrity lives his or her values in relationships with coworkers, customers, and vendors. People who demonstrate integrity […]

Kearston Vargas

Never Stop Learning Every day we learn something new whether it is at work or at home. We learn from our co-workers, our family, and our friends. Here at Blue Mountain, one of our Ten Secrets to Success is to Never Stop Learning and we truly believe that helps to set us apart. Our Safety […]

Joe Klusnick

Who Owns a Brand? Try something for me. Think of a company you have done business with. Think about what you bought from them, why you selected that company, what you heard and saw when you were making the decision to purchase, whether or not you will buy from them again, and how you felt […]