Jeff Fautt


Jeff Fautt

Culture of Excellence

Everything we do on a daily basis has a much greater impact on our business and everyone around us than we may realize. As an individual we must choose the level of commitment and effort that we’re going to bring to our specific job or discipline daily. If our choice is to be the best at what we do, then we must personally review the results of our work product daily and be honest with ourselves whether or not we achieved what we intended for the day. We are fallible as human beings and therefore all of us have some days that are better than others; however, it’s the pursuit of excellence that should always be the goal that we’re striving for on a daily basis.

I guarantee that if we as individuals are constantly in the pursuit of being the best version of ourselves, then collectively as a team we will be unstoppable and will surpass all of our competition. We owe it to ourselves and to our teammates to bring “it” every day. If we’re given the blessing of opening our eyes in the morning and our feet hitting the floor as we get out of bed, then candidly that’s 99% of the day, the other 1% is our attitude and if we choose to make a positive difference in everything we do for the day. I challenge each of you as a teammate to join me in creating a culture of
excellence here at Blue Mountain that all of us can take great pride in being a part of each day.

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