Felicia Mitchell

VP of Sales

Felicia Mitchell

Problem Solving Through Communication

At one time or another we have all had a problem that needed solving, how we approach this can make the difference between actually solving the problem or just making it worse. They say communication is key, and these words cannot be truer.

Communication has the ability to widen perspective on the issue at hand. When people sit down to talk, really talk, the collaboration of ideas is an amazing thing. The importance of communicating to your team members is everything.

When we communicate to solve a problem, all Team Members can voice their opinions on how to solve the issue at hand. This allows everyone involved to feel like they are heard and lends importance to everyone. By open communication, the team can come to an agreement, maybe after much discussion, but an eventual conclusion. Communication and dialogue empower the whole team and make commitment from the team stronger. When we communicate to solve a problem, everyone on the team will know firsthand what is happening, this is extremely important.

Proper communication will help diminish or eliminate more problems arising from possible miscommunication. As a team, we should always come together to solve problems, when ideas are shared, we are more productive. As we are more productive, not only do the team members benefit, our company benefits.

I encourage everyone when a problem arises, go to your team members and have open communication, you will be pleasantly surprised on the outcome.

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