Andrew Wong

Senior Vice President

Andrew Wong

The Art and Science of Location

We’ve all heard the adage about real estate – It’s all about location, location, location. While that’s true, we know there’s more that plays into the customer’s decision-making process. I’ll share some of the things that we’re doing from the land perspective to address each of the three-key location components of BMC’s product.

For each community, we first consider location in its broadest sense. Our team will evaluate demographic, population, and economic trends. We look at accessibility to job centers, commute corridors, airports, and hospitals. Additionally, we consider schools, surrounding retail, and local amenities. Some of the great locations we’re building in today include Granite Bay, Bethel Island, and Sacramento.

Next, location becomes more about the design of the overall site. We work with cities and municipalities to design communities that meet the needs of our diverse customers. We might consider the size and programming of parks, walking trails, and village greens. We think about street layout and design. And about additional community amenities. All these elements play into the community positioning and affordability of the homes we sell.

Finally, the third location attribute is the lot itself. What size and where it’s located within the community. Lot considerations might include size, dimensions, orientation, and shape. Each one of these play a role in the layout of the community and the choices that are available to our customers.

It may be overly simplistic to think about our land strategy in terms of city, community, and lot. It is equally an art as it is a science. All elements need to be balanced to meet the needs of our customers and deliver a great experience. If you haven’t had the chance to visit one of our communities, I encourage you to do so and see for yourself what we’ve been up to!

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