Blue Mountain Enterprises continues to evolve as a company and as a brand. What was once a singularly focused HVAC company has grown into a full-fledged multi-family property developer, a senior and assisted living residence provider, and an experienced general contractor.

Multi-Family Apartment Living

Getting a place to call home is a major milestone in life. We provide amenity rich apartment homes, which are just that – homes. We are building places for family and friends to gather, to laugh and play, and to plan for the future.


Partnering with you for a lifetime of comfortable living, we offer communities featuring all of the amenities of home along with solutions to life’s everyday challenges.

& General

Every ship needs a captain, and every building project needs someone making things happen — a General Contractor. Getting all the plans, bids, subcontractors, labor, materials, and permits in place before “work” begins is only the start of the job.

Mom did so much for all of us growing up, taking care of all of our needs. I want to make sure someone is there to do that for her now.

Fairfield, CA