Strive for Amazing Quality

scott eagle

Scott Eagle

Director of Warehouse & Facility

In our industry our customers have many choices of whom to pick to do their work.

The first things they look at are cost, ability to complete the job on time, and reputation.

When we stack ourselves up against the competition there is usually little difference in the tangible factors. Where we have a chance to separate ourselves from the pack is reputation and quality.

If we focus our efforts in everything we do, towards a quality product it will build a reputation we can be proud of and our customers can be proud to sell to their customers.

I, like other Mountaineers, have worked at more than one construction company during my career and what sets us apart from our competitors is our quality. In my role as a Director, I am constantly preaching to my team that no matter what you do for the company, do it well and do it the best that you can. Whether you are receiving, delivering, pulling orders or sweeping the warehouse, do it right, do it well, and do it with amazing quality.

If we can identify those things we do well and that our customers appreciate; then we can create an environment and mindset that allows us to deliver those things at a high level every time. That is what quality is all about. When we deliver quality time after time everybody wins except our competition.

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