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melissa du toit

Melissa Du Toit

Assistant Controller

The very first core value for Blue Mountain Enterprises, LLC is important in Accounting & Finance – Transparency. Transparency means to operate in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. It also implies openness, communication and accountability.

In Accounting, transparency means offering a clear, concise and balanced view of our company’s financial situation to our business leaders and shareholders. This is important because the information we provide to our leaders and shareholders assist them in making business related decisions for the organization. Transparency gives our leaders and investors readily available access to financial information that will aide them in planning and/or responding to changes in the economy that may affect our business. Creating a culture of transparency in the workplace is an important key to success.

Creating a culture of transparency at Blue Mountain will not only help us work together in the present but will strengthen the foundation of teamwork in our organization and forces us to work smarter together.

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