Tom Juenger

VP Acquisition & Entitlements

Tom Juenger

Forward Looking Lessons

Finding new land for development by Blue Mountain requires a pursuits team that is highly collaborative in which lessons are learned through successes and failures. It takes persistence, consistent analysis, and a positive outlook to land the right projects – traits that will help any of us be successful in any job. Here is how they apply to the pursuits team.

For every project that a developer brings into the company, the pursuits team assesses somewhere around 40 potential deals. Why spend so much time on deals that go nowhere? Because, through the 39 projects we pass on, we learn what we like, and we learn what risks we should not take. For each potential project we come up with measurements of how or why we did not feel it was the right fit for Blue Mountain so that when the right deal comes around, we know right away that we want it.

The consistency of the information we gather is what eventually provides our leadership with the comfort they need to make another big investment in a development site. Consistency is just as important when it comes to HVAC systems. Our clients know what to expect and that provides them the comfort they need to buy another system from Blue Mountain. We want our stakeholders to know that we will show up on time, with the goods, every time.

Perhaps the most important part of all of the work we do is to remain positive. First impressions matter, but it is critical to remain positive even when things are not working out. Anyone who has done the hard work and kept a positive attitude has a story of a project that came back to them because they were remembered in a positive light. I always believe that at any time one of those 39 jobs we did not get might come back around to Blue Mountain.

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