Mathew Foster

Director of Construction

Mathew Foster

Self discipline can take on many forms and variations in life, whether you are working towards a personal or professional goal or fulfilling a responsibility. Discipline or lack thereof will be a major factor in the success or failure of any pursuit. One of the great things about self discipline is it does not require innate or natural traits, it can truly be cultivated and applied by all, you just have to want it.

Setting the strategy and the corresponding tactics is crucial to establishing and maintaining discipline, regardless of type. The way that I prefer to maintain and establish self discipline is compartmentalizing and staying in the moment, within a structured routine. This helps forward momentum continue and makes people more resistant to being overwhelmed or willing to quit. Small incremental victories are crucial to the success of all disciplines. I believe fulfilling responsibilities and achieving goals are some of the keys to being personally content. If disciplines are set forth and commitments are made, they become responsibilities.

Are there limits that disciplines cannot push us past, of course, but the truth is most don’t reach their limits and therefore don’t reach their full potential. At a height of six foot five, my dream of being a Kentucky Derby jockey is sadly an unattainable endeavor, regardless of the disciplines I implement. If a Kentucky Derby jockey dreams of playing middle linebacker for the 49’ers, said jockey will be severely disappointed, the point is we all have limits.

All people have limits to what disciplines can help achieve, but the limits are outliers that most don’t come close to reaching. You could have an iron will, perseverance, resilience and resolve, but if they are not coupled with disciplines, you will not reach your limits. Few people have the ability to align all of these traits combined with chosen disciplines and truly reach their potential, but when this is attained by somebody we know or know of, it is truly an awesome sight to behold.

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