Eric Kerl

Purchasing Director

Eric Kerl

RESPECT – Find Out What It Means to Me

I believe respect and dependability are two of the most important core values. In fact, the two are dependent upon each other. Respect requires the ability to value and honor another person. Sometimes this can be difficult when we do not share or approve of another person’s actions or ideas. Even in the face of adversity respect is crucial in order to get things done and move forward. Having the respect of family, friends, co-workers, and those we work with on a regular basis is one of the greatest keys to success. This brings me to dependability.

Dependability is being trustworthy and reliable, crucial components of respect! In my role as Director of Purchasing, I work hard to be dependable to my co-workers, our vendors, and our buyers. This has proven to be a challenging feat in our current world that is full of inventory deficits, shipping delays and worker shortages. Sometimes it is not easy to accomplish all the things that you want to do, but I’ve found that when you show respect to others in turn earning their respect, people do their best to do what they can to help achieve the common goal. When there is a lack of respect shown to others the opposite often occurs and nothing gets accomplished!

While it may be difficult, especially in the world we currently live in, I challenge you all to strive to be dependable and respectful to the people in your life. You may be surprised how far a little respect goes.

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