Ben Amend, PE

Director of Engineering

Ben Amend, PE

Quality by Design

A great finished project starts with a great plan.

Working in the Engineering Department, we support the Warehouse and Field personnel by maintaining the fabrication sheets and drawings used for constructing HVAC systems. We also help Builders succeed by providing Professionally Engineered Design Services for HVAC systems for the jobs we will construct in the future.

We strongly focus on QC (Quality Control) in the office. We know the documents we generate are used by so many others in our fabrication and installation teams that if there are errors in the paperwork this directly results in waste and delays in the field. Every task we perform is peer reviewed before we send it out for construction. This increases the amount of time needed to process the work, but this is outweighed by the savings of building and installing the HVAC systems correctly the first time. The whole process from the warehouse to the field and back to my team for revisions shows how well we all work together to save time and money. We aren’t afraid to tweak an existing process to see if it can be done better the next time around.

Always being diligent and holding ourselves to a higher standard is an example of the character that we portray to our clients; whether they are internal clients (our co-workers) or our external clients (builders, inspectors, testers, etc.). Beginning each job with this focus on quality designs helps us to live up to our core company values.

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