Construction Trades

Are you considering a career in the construction industry? You should.

Employees across America are finding tremendous job satisfaction and fulfilment in the construction industry. Here’s why:

Everyone needs somewhere to live and the construction industry has become one of the largest employers in the United States by meeting this basic human need. As long as people want to enjoy the comfort of home, there will be jobs building it.

Many skilled craft persons in the industry are getting ready to enjoy their well-earned retirement, meaning there is always upward mobility for those willing to work hard and learn.

Homes need to be built where they will be lived in, here in the United States. Unlike sales or manufacturing jobs, these positions cannot be outsourced to other countries, helping to ensure long term career opportunities.

Accomplishments that can last generations. When a chef cooks a meal it is gone after one sitting. Those with a career in construction can enjoy a sense of accomplishment for decades looking at homes passed from one family to another.

The construction industry is ever evolving. Changes in job location, technology, building techniques, floor plans, and materials mean that no day on the job is ever the same.

And then there is the bottom line. As an alternative to a university degree and student loan debt, those in a construction industry apprenticeship program get paid to learn their job. Upon graduation the money gets better. According to a 2015 NPR article, the average electrician can make $5k more per year than the average college graduate.

So tighten your tool belt, put on your hard had, and come find out about the challenges and rewards that await you in the construction industry. For more information, contact